Using stencils, the newest series reflects a feminine silhouette looking to the past. A tropical leaf imprint gives a perception of depth in this piece, which is complimented by green and yellow blended colours.

The original 9x 12 inch acrylic on watercolour paper is for sale in my shop, and larger prints can be arranged upon request.

Exploring new print on demand styles can be fun when using unique artwork.

Using this patterned background, I created a mock up of a Hawaiian shirt.

I also thought the design would look cute on a pillow:

Using Print on demand is fun to visualize the types of products that can be created from unique artwork designs.

In the next post, I will explore more design options using recent artwork from Art by Konu.

See you next time.


What is your identity?

When does a separate identity begin for an individual? As children, we identify as a part of our mother; and it takes time for us to understand that we are separate entities. As we age, an identity separates us from others in society. Much of our existence is spent creating and defining this sense of self.

Title: Identity 13

Medium: Acrylic on watercolour paper.

Size: 22 x 30 cm // 9 x 12 inches

Year: 2022

Art by Stephanie Konu