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Claudie Labbe

We chatted with Instagram artist @Art_by_Claudie. Her work centers around eye catching digital illustration, and bikini babes.
Claudie uses her artistic practice to express her feelings about the world's current hyper-connected environment.
Her primary medium of expression is in photography and digital illustration. When she is not working, Claudie's coastal base along the Basque Coast allows her to enjoy all things surfing.
“My art is constantly being redefined and inspired. I find inspiration in Disney characters, surf culture and vintage comics.”
“My retro artwork is mostly composed of iconic pin-ups and bombshells to capture the spirit and sensuality of feminine beauty”

How were you first introduced to the concepts of beautiful women in swimwear, and the work of creating digital art? 

I started digital art 10 years ago. I was doing realistic portraits mostly. Drawing women came along when experimenting new sort of designs and challenging myself. 


​I noticed that a lot of your work is closely linked to surfing and the surf culture. What are the qualities of surfing that draw you into it? 

Bikini girls are part of that environment. They beautifully add a salty sassy touch that is mostly appreciated by many surf lovers. I also live in a surfing area and it’s a way to connect my art with that culture.


How many tattoos do you have? 

​Just one. An asian bracelet done in Paris by @starasian


Do you consider yourself as an artist? Why or why not? 



I don’t... I don’t really like titles. I want to keep it fun as a hobby. It’s also a way to engage creatively and connect with my inner self in a peaceful manner, a sort of meditation I can rely on to relax.

Art nine.jpg

Are you inspired by any artists that you follow on Instagram? What do you love about your favorites? 

I am influenced by Gil Elvgren, an American painter of pin-up girls, advertising and illustration in the 50s. He would often take photos of his models and paint them. Instagram is a great platform to find models with cool poses who will inspire me to create my artwork.

Art seven.jpg

Are there any celebrities that you would like to work with?

I am not really looking for any celebrities to work with but it would be awesome to get published in magazines such as Playboy.

Art three.jpg

If you had unlimited funds, what would be your next project with regards to your art?


I would definitely extend my clothing collection and merch! And I would purchase quality gear for tattooing my art. 

Claudie’s passion for creating eye catching digital art is gaining attention all over the world. As recognition of her work grows, you can be sure that your next trip to the seaside will include sights of Art by Claudie Labbe.


To see more of Claudie’s illustrations follow her @Art_by_Claudie

Visit her website as well, at

Thank you for reading.

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