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Sylvester R. Gough Jr.

We recently had the opportunity to speak with with emerging artist Sylvester R. Gough Jr.  from Louisville, Kentucky, USA to discuss his artistic passions.

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Today we delve into the artistic passion of Sylvester R. Gough Jr.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, USA, Sylvester R. Gough Jr was captivated by art at a young age. Working with digital painting for the last decade, Sylvester R. Gough Jr renders sci-fi inspired landscapes and figures in vivid colour.


Vast landscapes unfold, while other worldly planets are cast in a vibrant neon hue creating scenes of magisterial wonder. These are images that you can fall into; images for your mind to wander around in and explore. Carefully crafted figurative paintings are often set against stirring skies, intense atmospheres and luminous landscapes.

These worlds are strange and yet somehow seductive at the same time; their warm glow is curious, intriguing and irresistible to the viewer. Characters sit pensively amongst strange seas and rolling planes, others do battle under the moonlight of a distant planet. Sylvester finds joy and peace in the creation of these new worlds and hopes that others can find the same sensations when they delve in to them.

Mesmerized by drawing and painting with acrylics, a young Sylvester honed his craft and quickly found a passion for rendering other worlds from deep in his imagination. This talent led him to study drawing at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he was able to take his work and his ability to the next level.

Fast forward to today, Sylvester is an emerging artist developing a significant profile.

Recent achievements include being featured in the Portland Museum and the Louisville Visual Art Competition as well as being Awarded the Creative Innovation Award for themed displays at the Louisville Public Library.


Check out our interview with Sylvester below.

Sylvester, you talk about focusing on your purpose, and being inspired to never give up. When you have thoughts about giving up- what do you think about instead to make you keep going?


Life is full of many doors. If something is not working, typically, I stop and reflect on what happened, and what I can do different that I had not done before. Sometimes it’s the same thing but with more effort; and sometimes you have to scrap that method and learn a new way. Just know that there are many ways out there to accomplish a goal. There are also times when you have to evaluate whether the goal is the right one for you to be aiming toward.

When watching your process videos, you pay so much attention to the detail of how each shape is proportioned. It is really a wonder that you are able to do this without paper and pens, but with digital technology. Have you ever had an “oh no!” moment where you nearly lost everything? How do you handle these experiences?

Whenever I have come across a situation that didn’t turn out the way I envisioned, I simply see the failure or the loss as a learning opportunity. I think the initial response of sadness and disappointment is a healthy and normal reaction, but then after that you have to re-center yourself in a healthy way. I do not endorse toxic methods of coping with trials. Instead I believe in doing positive and forward moving hobbies like listening to motivation music or podcasts, or books. These are what I advise people to do. It is also beneficial to talk it through with someone you trust, someone who motivates you in a positive way in your life.

Sylvester, your talent, and your skill are evident in each piece that you create. Are there any key people in your life that oppose your work, and/or the way that you live your life? What is your mantra for this type of situation?

Along our journey we will have many people who will disagree with many of our decisions in life. Some will criticize you out of love, either to protect you, or out of their own jealousy if they see that you are happy, content and thriving in your current path.


I’m the kind person who does not mind advice and critique of my life or my work. I welcome it; although it may not come in the form that is in a positive manner, I still consider their thoughts. Ultimately only you, know where you need to be, how you need to be, and what needs to be changed.


To learn more about Sylvester R. Gough Jr, visit his online portfolio on Instagram here.


Sylvester’s imaginative art allows observers to take a step into the unknown; and to find peace, wonder and adventure. As his portfolio grows; he is surely one for audiences to watch. As well as a true example of someone who is living their artistic passion and finding their life’s purpose within it.

Thanks for reading.

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