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Artist Bio

Thank you for visiting my little corner of the world.

I am a content creator who has a passion to learn and to educate. I love to create things in various mediums including writing, textile, fine art, and digital content.


My love of writing began in secondary school where I would stay up all night writing short stories for my friends to read. I have written on various topics, specifically personal development and the idea of discovering one's passions in life.


I believe that discovering the things that light a fire within each of us is the key to living a purposeful life. A purposeful life is one that puts us closer to our truest self each day.

As a writer, my work has appeared in the following places:

As an artist painting in acrylics, I have exhibited my work in the following locations:

  • Overzealous Art Exhibition- Neilson Park Community Center- Sep/20

  • Queen’s Park Dining Room- Legislative Building, Toronto- Jan/19-Dec/20

  • Toronto Public Library Exhibition- Albion Library, Toronto- Nov/19

  • Trap x Art Show- The Boat Restaurant, Kensington Market, T.O- Oct/19

  • Vaughn Culture Days- JEH MacDonald House, Thornhill, Ontario- Sep/19

  • Salon of Inclusiveness- The Black Cat Showroom, Toronto- Dec/18

  • Overzealous Art Exhibition- Neilson Park Community Center-Dec/18


All the best,



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