The Dreams of Clarendon series continues with 15-105. Blending iridescent green and blue together against a black silhouette of a female figure.

Using print on demand services, this tropic design was placed on interesting products like a yoga mat.

I love using tropical leaf motifs against a female silhouette. It has many commercial applications for print on demand products, and it is immensely fun to experiment with possible outcomes.

My latest artwork on watercolour paper is a dark and tropical silhouette motif.

Using print on demand services, I placed my unique design on a canvas bag seen below:

I chose black canvas for the design mock up; I like how it makes the blue "pop" out.

I like this design for dark tropical nights, where the waves are in sight. Washing upon the shore, crashing at our front door. Kinda cool right?


Using print on demand services through Printify, I created a design for a basic canvas shopper.

Simple and easy- the only tricky part is to ensure that the image used contains high resolution. 300 dot per inch is pretty standard for a good quality print. The more detailed an image (say photo of a person vs shapes or basic motifs) the higher the number of dots per inch should be present.

Dreams of Clarendon 15-108 Art by Stephanie Konu 2022.