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Why use 360 degree photography for your business?


Did you know:

  • 40% of Tech savvy customers will rely on information from Google Searches to make decisions about who they will shop with.

  • Recent surveys show that younger consumers will perform a Google search for new restaurants, shops, and service providers before ever stepping foot inside a store.

  • Businesses with clear photography showing the layout inside and outside of a location receive more traffic than others who do not reveal this vital information.

  • 21st century consumers want to have a visual idea of where they are going, and who they will be doing business with; as a result, customers are more likely to research businesses to see information on what the business looks like, customer reviews, and directions that will take them there.

  • Google ranks businesses with more information much higher in search results online. Investing in your business' digital footprint is essential to appear higher in Google search rankings, successful marketing and more.

  • Excellent photography and technologically advanced 360 degree virtual reality by a Google Trusted Photographer will connect your business with new clients in your community and beyond. If you are ready to take your business further into the future, contact Art by Konu Photography today by emailing us at

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