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3 Reasons why you need to show more passion when presenting your artistic business with the world

Presentations are essential to the artistic business world. In order to get clients, sell your work, and to hire others to work for you; you need to demonstrate your own unwavering and fiery passion for the subject.

If you have never given a presentation, you should start with finding the key points that you are most passionate about sharing, then build outward from there and here are three reasons why…

You need to show more passion when you share your artistic business with the world.

1. A presentation is an “in person experience that gives your audience more than just your words”. If your shoulders are slumped, and you mumble through talking about your business; how can you expect potential clients or investors to get excited about it?

How can you expect them to part with their money to support your dreams, if you don’t even seem all that jazzed about it?

Your passion needs to show through everything you present to others. Ensure that your body language is in tune with the words you are saying so that your message is consistent.

2. Without passion in your presentation, your audience will judge your credibility and the substance of your claims with a more critical eye. It is difficult for them to get excited if you are not communicating positive emotion to them; but what is worse is that they may not even believe you at all.

One of the reasons why infomercials work so well, is that the sales person communicates their excitement in the presentation. The claims they make about their product may not even be 100% accurate, however their audience is easily distracted by how much the sales person seems to believe in it, and how well they communicate their passion for the product.

Now, I don’t think it is right to be dishonest, but it is easy to see how your credibility can be affected if your audience does not feel like they should believe you based on the energy you bring.

3. Your passion communicates that you are telling your audience something important. If you believe the message, than the message becomes believable.

Showing a passion for what you are presenting will also imply that your message is important, therefore there is a higher likelihood that you will get your audience’s attention.

Try it for yourself: the next time you tell someone about a new service or product you are offering in your artistic business, sell it big!

Show enthusiasm and passion for the topic, and you will see a difference in the response you receive from your audience. You might even find yourself with some new clients as a result.

Thanks for reading.


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