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3 Signs of a Poorly Designed Job

In your art business it can be necessary to solve your own human resource problems. As a business owner for your artistic passion projects, you may not have a Human Resource professional who can identify the root cause of these “people issues”. The design of a job is usually only looked at after problems arise in your business, requiring you to work backwards to identify the root cause.

If you aren’t sure where the problem is stemming from, you may be surprised to learn that it is due to a poor job design. Here are my…

3 signs of a poorly designed job

1. High turnover. Poorly designed jobs may require responsibilities of an employee that they cannot meet. In your artistic business, do you require employees to sit at uncomfortable desks? Does the job require working weekends? Are there transportation issues? If an employee is unhappy with the design of a job, there will be a high level of turnover in your workforce. A well designed job fits seamlessly into the ideal employee’s life.

2. Workplace injury. A job that is designed poorly can also become a breeding ground for slips, trips, and falls caused by hazards. Your artistic business could suffer by not having a space that is safe to work in. If you like this topic, please leave a comment in the section below and I will gladly write more content that would go in depth about ways to control and eliminate hazards in your workplace.

3. High levels of stress leave. If most employees use up their sick time it is a small clue that there may be a poorly designed job that is causing physical and mental illnesses. A better indicator is how many employees are or have ever been, off on stress leave in your business.

If these signs sound familiar, you may need to look into ways to redesign the jobs in your artistic business. Some solutions could include upgrading a stool and desk to have the ability to adjust their heights. If the previous design of the job required over-tall persons to bend to complete something; then it is likely that the new job design would decrease the rate of injury from having to bend, as well as fewer sick days due to the improved posture of the employee.

A little about me:

I am a human resource professional who specializes in artistic business solutions. If you ever want to discuss solutions for the needs of your art business, please contact me at to arrange an appointment.

Thanks for reading.


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