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3 Signs that appear when people don’t understand your artistic vision

In abstract art, the whole concept is predicated on “seeing what you can see”. Subjectivity is at the core foundation of abstract art- in my opinion, so people are left to use their emotions and perceptions to understand what is being communicated in a specific piece of abstract art.

If you are having trouble connecting your ideas to customers so that you can sell your art, you might not be communicating your art well enough, and here are

3 signs to look for when people don’t understand your artistic vision.

1. Too many people ask “what is it?” with genuine confusion. If a person is confused when they see your art- this is a strong indicator that they will not be purchasing it any time soon. People rarely buy things that make them feel confused or unsure. A better predictor of a sale is a more positive reaction.

2. People are unsure of what the medium of the work is. Some art incorporates mediums that are way too “out there”. This can mean that the average art collector would probably shy away from purchasing it, since it is unclear what the work is made from. If a potential client is not able to pinpoint the medium, it adds to the uncertainty of their feelings toward the work, and lessens the likelihood that they will see it as an investment.

3. It does not evoke a feeling that people can be comfortable with. Some art is a pure reflection of the turbulent seas of emotion within an artist. As a result, some artwork can give off uncomfortable vibes or unsettling imagery to the observer. The communication in this example is occurring, but it is of a negative quality.

Have you ever encountered times when your artistic vision was not understood? Leave a comment in the section below, and let’s discuss.

Thanks for reading.


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