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3 Ways to spend less time planning

It happens: you have a great idea for how to organize and clean up your living space this weekend.

You have the sorting bins, you know where to donate items nearby, and a few friends to help you carry your clutter out the door…

Then, Sunday arrives and you end up running around town chasing down something you forgot to buy for your cleaning activity. Nothing gets done and you won’t be able to get back to the task for a few days.

You are a victim of over-planning in the early stages. Somehow your planning everything overtook the action of doing anything!

No one wants to get bogged down by procrastination caused by over planning, especially when the task is a simple one like cleaning up your living space. Lucky for you, I have discovered…

3 ways to spend less time planning and more time doing.

1. Draw it on paper. Are you planning a room for where your furniture should go? Draw a diagram and use a measuring tape to get the proper dimensions. Your task will go a lot faster if you see it visually, rather than guessing how things will fit in your head. A visual sketch will accelerate the planning process, allowing you to do much more.

2. Use blocks of time rather than micro-planning your schedule down to the minute. By allowing yourself 60 minutes to achieve your goal you can free up your anxious desires to over-fill your time with planning. If you allot 60 minutes for your morning routine for instance, you free up your mind to just do the tasks that get you out the front door and on your way. Some self-control is required with this method however.

3. Automate more things in your house. Use the technology available to you to make your life easier. Great brands for automation include Nest and Google. Why rush home to preheat your over for dinner, if you have the capability of automating that function from your smartphone? Make your life easier by giving yourself less to worry about.

Do you have your own strategies to get more action into your goals? Do you ever get stuck in the planning process? Leave your comments in the section below, and thanks for reading.


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