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4 Reasons why small teams are better for your artistic business

When starting an artistic business, the first few months or years usually consist of working alone. Most art businesses are sole proprietorships, where the artist completes most work by themselves, or with limited assistance from contractors.

Once an art business hits the big time, new found success can tempt an owner to increase the size of their team beyond what is needed. As a result, an increase in financial resources can make it seem like a good idea to expand quickly.

Small team sizes are definitely favourable for the long term success of an artistic business, and here are my…

4 Reasons why small teams are better for your artistic business

1. In small teams, there are fewer people to play broken telephone, resulting in fewer instances of process losses. Fewer people on a team means that less time is needed to coordinate roles for a project. Furthermore, the differences between two or three team members are resolved more easily than with larger teams.

2. Small teams need less time to develop. The interactions of a small group working together are more concentrated. This results in the smoother development of working relationships.

3. Small teams are more engaged when interacting. Fewer people in a room means that everyone gets more opportunities to speak. Disengaged people are also more noticeable in this scenario. In larger groups, team members can fade into the background and become disengaged without being noticed. When this happens, it is easier for the laziest team members to slack off and not deliver on their obligations to the team.

4. A smaller team results in individual members who feel more responsible for the success of the team. In larger teams, there are more opportunities to point the finger and blame others when goals are not reached. Team members can hide behind each other, or behind the responsibilities of the larger organization. In a small team, however, this becomes nearly impossible to do. Accountability can grow more effectively when teams are small.

Small teams are better for your artistic business in the long run. They improve efficiency, form bonds faster, and promote engagement among members. The best outcome of a small team is the ability for a team member to feel responsibility for the team’s success.

What are your thoughts on preferred sizes of teams? Have you had success with small teams? Leave a comment in the section below, and thank you for reading.


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