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5 Reasons Why I Save My Old To Do lists

by Stephanie Konu

One of the ways I like to stay organized in life is to write down everything that I need to remember. My to do lists are no exception. I love to do lists because of the endorphins I get from crossing the completed item off of my list. Here are my..

5 Reasons Why I Save My Old To Do lists

  1. I am able to track what I have completed- the completed list contains an itemized description of what I have accomplished during the time period.

  2. I am able to highlight my accomplishments-I can own the feeling of progress! Yay! I’m getting stuff done!

  3. I am able to make new goals for the future- You start to think “If i just did all this, I can surely move on to…(insert bigger plan here).

  4. I am able to remind myself of how amazing I am- Celebrate every once in a while so that you can give thanks to the greater story of your life and how far you have come.

  5. I can follow up on anything I was unsuccessful with or unsatisfied with- What you failed on, you will prevail on in the long run! Keep going.

I hope you enjoyed my unconventional reasons for saving my old lists. Thanks for reading.


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