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6 Key actions to have your artistic vision come to life

As an artist, your business can thrive from the introduction of a new product, service, or way of doing business. Innovations can give you a competitive advantage, but how do you develop an innovation without first coming up with a vision?

Here are my…

6 Key actions to have your artistic vision come to life

1. Go to your happy place. Where are you able to be alone and without interruption? I like to sit in a bath to relax and close my eyes.

2. Focus on your idea. Imagine the future where your idea has been implemented and people know about it. In the best case scenario of your idea are you happy? How are other people responding to it? How has your idea impacted your artistic business?

3. Focus on yourself. Can you imagine how it feels to gain the rewards of successfully executing your idea? Don’t focus on how. The universe will take care of that. Focus on the outcome.

4. Daydream then write it down. Use this design as your work plan. It is the world’s first glimpse of your vision.

5. Put those thoughts on replay. Think about it regularly. Your vision should be fueling your day to day efforts toward your goal. This vision will also help you to stave off the self-doubt that emerges when setbacks occur.

6. Sell it big to your audience. Tell people when you are ready about your vision. Be enthusiastic and sell the idea in a way that will attract others to your positive energy. Take in feedback and revise any points that need more details.

Sometimes the development of an idea is an activity that is like dredging a murky lake. You know something valuable is just out of reach, but the effort required to get there is stupendous.

Developing your vision is necessary to achieving your goals. Therefore it is better to have a road map for where you hope to go; rather than wondering aimlessly hoping to figure it out.

Do you have any ways that you have tried to help discover your vision on a project, business plan, or other artistic pursuit? Leave a comment in the section below and thank you for reading.


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