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6 Reasons why you haven’t started pursuing your passions

When you are trying to start your new life, you will have times where your progress is like the ebb and flow of a rising ocean tide. Other times, it may seem more like a low tide: shallow, with very little movement.

If you haven’t started to pursue your passions, but are thinking about them day and night; you might want to explore why. Here are my…

6 Reasons why you haven’t started pursuing your passions

1. You are caring for dependents. They can be children, aging parents, or anyone that relies upon you for day to day survival. Sometimes the number of dependents can cause an imbalance in your life. Try to widen your safety net. Stay on good terms with people who can support you by lending an extra hand. Often times, that one neighbour you can trust to walk your child home from the bus stop makes all of the difference in the world.

2. You don’t know where to start. It will feel like a rush of fear and anxiety are washing over you when you don’t know where to start with the pursuit of your passions. Luckily there are great strategies in the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy movement that can help you approach it in a meaningful way.

3. You can’t seem to settle down and structure any time for yourself. In order to make time for yourself, you need to set safeguards in place. Some of those safeguards could revolve around having daycare available for your children one or two times per week. Once you have that time, avoid setting appointments or time consuming errands in its midst. Guard the time for your work and consistently keep it sacred. Think of these times as though you are a university professor and those are your office hours.

4. Your information is low, but the task requires high information and specifics you haven’t worked out yet. Time to hit the books! When you don’t have enough information, other problems can become amplified. Gaining more knowledge allows you to have a heightened focus on what goals you are trying to attain. Without this insight, you could end up like a dog chasing its tail, all the while never realizing that the thing you are chasing will not get you closer to your goal. Just like training your body for a workout, you must bulk up your knowledge and understanding on a topic if you plan to be successful.

5. Your mindset is scattered due to hunger, or tiredness. Also like working out, you have to be in peak mental condition as often as possible to accomplish feats. Eat something to fuel your mind, and rest if that is needed also.

6. Pursuing your passion just isn’t a priority right now. In the face of emergency, or a loved one needing your attention; there are definitely times when nothing else really matters. That doesn’t mean that this will always be the case, because it could just be for a tonight, a weekend, or while moving through a tough transition. Sure enough, if the activity is truly your passion you don’t need to beat up on yourself for taking a pause. It will surely come back to you when the timing is right.

Do you have any reasons why you haven’t started to pursue your passions that you would like to talk to me about?

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