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6 steps you should take before hiring help for your artistic business

It’s no secret that many employees have their job because they know their boss personally. It is hard to argue with the fact that we tend to want to work with people we like, and thus we hire our friends when we need a helping hand. Every small artistic business is different however, and some cannot really afford to hire employees without properly looking at the details of what a new position should do for their business.

Before hiring a new employee in your artistic business, you may benefit from a close look at the duties, tasks, and activities needed for your business strategy. Once you have figured all of those things out, you will need to identify a person who has knowledge, skills, and abilities to perform those tasks; as well as my…

6 Steps you should take before hiring help for your artistic business

1. Gain a clear focus on the position you want to fill. Does this person stay late to clean up after a job? Do they summarize the monthly transactions and expenses for the business? You should have a clear picture of what the role looks like as early on as you can, so that you can build the duties into the next step.

2. Create or edit a job description. Capture the details from the vision you created in the earlier step. Duties like a need to travel, working hours, or ability to lift heavy objects should be included in a job description. If you fail to include anything major in this field, it could come back to bite you later on.

3. Use a simple rating scale to rate the importance and difficulty of each task as well as how often it needs to be done. This will also help determine how valuable the job is in terms of what you need to compensate for.

4. Survey and speak with other employees. Find out briefly, what kind of person they would like to see as their new colleague.

5. Analyze the findings, and come up with a profile of your ideal new hire. Interpreting the opinions of your other employees can confuse your decision; however the most important thing to look at is the type of knowledge skills and abilities that the ideal person brings. Public opinion is secondary.

6. Provide feedback of your decision by hiring the best fit for your small artistic business. Recruiting this person can take work, however there are many services that can assist by connecting you to job seekers.

Hiring for your artistic business takes work. Ultimately, the choice of who to hire comes down to making a choice that is right for your business.

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