A Crabby Situation

When I was in high school, one of my good friends had an assignment where she needed to create a presentation. She was always a very good student, so in order to secure the best grade possible, she decided to obtain a living crab from the seafood department of the nearby grocery store to use as a prop for her presentation.

I wish I could recall what the crab was for exactly; but I'm sure that the point she was hoping to make by incorporating a living crab in her presentation made sense at the time.

After her presentation was finished, I ran into her by chance in the hallway outside of class. Obviously, I was impressed that she had a crab in a pail of water; so when she explained that she no longer had any use for it, I gladly offered to take the crustacean off of her hands.

With my new pet in my possession I roamed the school halls ; gathering an audience of followers who were all puzzled about why I was walking around with this thing, but who were also laughing at the absurdity.

It was a warm day, so I decided to take it outside for a walk. When I found my friends in the courtyard, we argued over what the crab should be named: I wanted to name it "Zim", while others suggested "Crabby Crabsworth". The crab didn't mind the bickering, since it was enjoying the most freedom it would probably ever experience in its entire life.

After a while, a teacher came outside to investigate what all of the students were so captivated by. It was only a matter of time before our fun was broken up afterall...

The teacher, who was quite surprised by the sight of a crab on a leash, quickly seized the crab from us. I tried to explain that my dear friend had given me the crab, and that it was now my beloved pet! But there was no hope of convincing the teacher. My crab was taken away on the spot.

Disappointed, I went back to class and finished the day. After school, I looked for the teacher who had taken my crab away. I asked around and was told that the last place anyone saw the teacher was while heading into the cafeteria's kitchen with a pail of water in their hands.

I never saw the crab again...but I hope that it at least made for a good meal.

The End