A tale of two cities

Once upon a time I had a friend who I helped to move from Mississauga to Oakville. He was a dear friend at the time. When I arrived on moving day, I was surprised to learn that he didn't pack any boxes yet, and that by "moving" he meant that he also wanted me to pack up his belongings into boxes too.

We had a big fight after 1 hour passed and we hadn't actually moved anything. Just packing up belongings into boxes that I felt should have been ready to move when I arrived. During the fight he told me that I was a terrible friend, and he took the time to name many of my faults in an emotional tirade that came out as we packed in his living room. He said that I was an unkind person and that there was "no friendship" in the way I was behaving.

I pointed out to him that none of his other friends had come. No one else was there to help him move that day; just me. But at that point I could easily see why no one else had come to help.

I stormed out of his apartment and sat in my car, willing myself to drive off; but I couldn't abandon my friend in the middle of his move. No matter how much of an ass he was being. I went back inside, and told my friend that in spite of what we were disagreeing on, I would finish helping him move to Oakville. I kept my word.

We aren't friends anymore, but I don't wish him any ill will. Sometimes in life, we meet people who teach us lessons that we need to learn.

I learned that people will often be cruel to those that they actually need and depend on the most in their lives.

The End