Arcade Fire with a baby in the oven

When I was six months into my first pregnancy, I won tickets to The Arcade Fire concert at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. I had won them by having the correct answers to a trivia game hosted by a radio station called 102.1 the Edge.

When the tickets arrived, I picked them up and soon realized that the loud vibrations of a concert wouldn't be the best environment for the baby that was growing inside of me.

Also, my pregnant belly was already showing. I didn't want to risk getting pushed or jostled around in a large crowd.

I wanted to give the tickets away, but from past experiences I felt that by giving them away freely, the recipient wouldn't appreciate them as much as someone who had paid for them. I believe that people take things for granted when they come too easily to them.

I was thinking about what to do over a few days when I struck up a conversation with the young woman who was making my burrito at the restaurant next door to where I worked.

She mentioned that she loved concerts, so I made her a deal: I would sell her the two tickets for The Arcade Fire concert for $25 each. At that time, one week before the event, similar tickets were being sold for $290.

She thought I was playing a trick on her, and didn't fully trust me until I assured her that I worked next door, and gave her my name, phone number and job title.

When she met me the next day to collect the tickets, she asked me why on earth I wasn't just selling them for their top price.

I told her that I had won them so they didn't cost me anything... She asked me then, why I didn't simply use the tickets for myself to watch the show.

I laughed and pointed to my growing pregnant belly to show her. Instead of giving her a long speech about all of my worries, I just told her plainly that I had too many other things on my mind.

The End