Bing-O was her name

My latest painting series focuses on a subdued palate of gold black and pearl. The application of gold paint over black in an oval shape reminds me of the word "ovation" in a congratulatory sense.

The excitement conveyed, reminds me of the time a friend and I won $1000 at a Delta Bingo hall many years ago.

We were on winter break, and had a few years of university ahead of us; so we treasured holidays that allowed us to party and go out without worry of assignments and deadlines.

This specific night, we wanted to do something fun, new, and out of our comfort zone. Driving around Mississauga, we decided on Delta Bingo with a hope of winning some fun money.

At the age of 19, we were easily 20-40 years younger than the majority of the other people in attendance. We purchased the Bingo cards, and the dabbers needed to play the game; then quietly found some empty seats amongst a sea of salt and pepper coloured haircuts.

One or two games into the night, we were enjoying ourselves so much that my friend was missing several of the numbers on her card that the Bingo caller had already announced.

Being the control freak that I am, I took charge of the situation, and commandeered my friend's Bingo card. After correcting all of the numbers that she had missed, we were shocked to reveal that she was 1 number away from having a full card. As soon as we realized this, the Bingo caller called out the last number we needed.

We both squealed and jumped up to call out "BINGO!". It felt extra good to win after having been so far from winning a few minutes earlier.

When the caller verified that all of the numbers were correct, we received $1000 cash and my friend was kind enough to split it with me. After all, if I hadn't taken over we would have likely missed our opportunity.

As we collected our money, the older, and kinder ladies in attendance gathered around us to congratulate our win, as well as warn us not to lose it all by spending it back in the Bingo hall.

Once we split the money, we stuffed the wads of bills down our shirts and walked into the night with our heads high.

It was a once in a lifetime win, a warm memory that revisits me on cold nights.

The End.