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Steph's Favouite Places: Bronte Beach, Oakville, Ontario

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

Dazzling photography of Bronte Beach in Oakville Ontario in 2021. Art by Konu Photography. Dark Shoreline contrasted with bright blue sky including sun.
Bronte Beach Winter Solstice 2021

We visited Bronte Beach in Oakville Ontario during the Winter Solstice of 2021. The unplanned visit was due to a pleading of my child to take her to the park. I said yes, and we decided to take some photographs as well.

The settings of my camera were altered to take the very sunny beachside down a few notches. Since the sun was so bright, I thought that more detail could be captured by making the shutter smaller to start.

A darkened Shot of the beach with smaller Apeture. Art by Konu 2021 LillyBochic
Bronte Beach Winter Solstice 2021 Dark

A ver yclear photo of the beach side. Sand Shore, small water inlet with birds visible. Bright Blue Sky.
Bronte Beach Winter Solstice 2021

A very highly exposed photo of the rockside of the beach shore. Large grey rocks and leaning trees. Art by Konu 2021. LillyBoChic
Bronte Beach Winter Solstice 2021

The views are magnificent as you can easily see from the photos of the water. The wide open beachfront is spacious; so long walks are a perfect pass time here.

Low apetrure photgrapgh of the large rocks at the edge of the beach. Blue shimmering water reflecting the sun. Art by Konu 2021. Lillybochic
Bronte Beach Winter Solstice 2021

The best part: Beautiful scenery and drive in from a private road off of Lakeshore. Very near to a few restaurants, and easily accessible from major highways (Queen Elizabeth Way).

Protip: keep a watchful eye on where you park you vehicle. During the summer season, many spots are designated for trucks with boats attached to launch at the marina. You could face a fine or get towed if you park in the wrong spot.

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