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Concrete Landscapes in Mississauga and Toronto Canada

The strong yet minimally detailed faces of concrete structures are often labelled as eye sores. For some, the neutral colours and blunt edges of a large concrete building are not beautiful, or interesting. In this photo tour we look at four examples of of concrete structures in Mississauga and Toronto Canada to examine the concept of beauty.


The CN Tower is the largest concrete structure that few natives of the Greater Toronto Area ever visit, other than in their minds as they drive past. It has an imposing presence in the Toronto skyline, but is it truly beautiful?

The answer to that question depends on the person asked of course.

I contrasted the figure of the CN tower in this photo tour against the plain, yet similarly striking photo of black spherical security cameras posted within a concrete parking structure. This is in turn put against a signpost for an attraction called "The Rec Room" that has been placed above a rail station silo, which in my eyes is most assuredly "un-beautiful" due to its run-down looking walls.

Which photo has the most beautiful or "un-beautiful" subject matter in your eyes?


Photos by Stephanie Konu Photography 2021. Mississauga and Toronto Ontario Canada.

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