Everyone Loves an Orca

When I was young, I went to a place called Marine Land in Niagara Falls Canada to see Dolphins and Orcas.

I was 11 or 12 years old on this particular trip, and I wore a blue shirt, blue jeans, blue shoes, and a blue bucket hat.

We watched the show on the main stage, and when the time for audience participation came, the trainers asked the crowd if anyone wanted to come on stage.

I jumped up and howled to get picked. Lucky enough, the lead trainer picked the girl dressed in all blue to come up on stage.

When I was on stage, they offered me a dead fish to feed the large black and white Orca that was the star of the show. I was grossed out by the offer and the crowd laughed at my expression. I was too scared to touch the fish, but by refusing that option, I reeled in an even bigger gift.

The trainer asked me to lean in close to the edge, and stand very, very, still. My heart was smashing against my chest as the large Orca came up over the edge of the water to lick my face. The rough sensation of its tongue was so unexpected, and of course the whale's breath smelled like fish.

This experience is something I will never forget: the time I was kissed by a whale.

The End.