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Five reasons why your bad habits are preventing you from having the artistic life you want.

During my journey as an artist, I have tried to connect the dots between the academic studies I invested so much time in; with the passion to create that always lit my soul on fire. Making things (and believe me there are a lot of things) has always been a topic that made me sit up and pay attention.

My discovery of painting in acrylic originated as a desire to make my own brand of art canvas. I cut my own wood in my little workshop, and learned how to use a staple gun, miter saw, and other pretty hard-core tools for a lady like myself to use.

As an artist it is the lifeblood of your craft to execute plans from start to finish. The “do” action is what separates the people who say “I could have done that” from the people like us who respond “Yeah, but you didn’t!”.

Sometimes however, the ability to execute an artistic plan is stuck, kicking around in your head. You aren’t sure exactly what is stopping you, but there are some telltale signs that appear when the problems you are facing might be human related. The problems may be originating with you, the artist.

Here are my…

Five reasons why your bad habits are preventing you from having the artistic life you want.

1. Lack of knowledge. Sometimes an artist stops progress on a very good project because they are lacking information, or knowledge. There may be a hazy concept in the artists mind. This hazy concept could definitely have some legs! But every other detail on how to mold that idea is just a big question mark in the artist’s mind.

The best way to combat this is to hit the books. Visit a library, watch 2 hours of YouTube videos on the topic, spend time listening to new ideas. New ideas help the brain to look at problems in new ways.

2. Lack of Skills. After watching hours of YouTube and reading all the books you could physically carry out of your local library, you should be ready to practice doing the thing.

Invest the time to practice- but also remember to be forgiving of yourself as you try. My best advice: laughter during failure takes away the bitter taste.

3. Lack of Motivation. Whatever motivates you to get moving should be ready and available to use. I love to reward myself for having a productive day by drinking Kombucha, ice cold, from the fridge, because it is my favourite drink. There is a limit to this however, which will be discussed in the next point.

4. Counterproductive reward systems. It is great to use things to motivate a person into action; however the item itself can serve to be counterproductive depending on what it is. If a person gets too much of that item, their work may suffer or not even get started due to the resulting impairment it may cause.

Basically, you could get way too drunk to finish anything, or worse yet; the work is so poorly done that you need to start the project over. That would be a bummer.

5. Poor social groups. Sometimes friends can hold a person back from who they truly want to be. Passion is a fiery emotion: it can be extinguished with wet blankets.

Steer clear of negative mindsets, lowered vibrations, or any attitude that regular preaches “what’s the use in trying?” You have to be surrounded by people who are lifting you up to your higher self.

Do you have any bad habits that stand in your way at times?

Leave a comment in the section below, and thanks for reading.


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