Mrs. Mechanic

The other day I went to get an oil change for my car. I went to a place that changed the oil in a short time, but charges an insane markup for other routine maintenance.

While checking the car, the technician opened my glove compartment, and told me he would be checking the cabin air filter. I watched how he opened the mechanism that held up the glove compartment, pinched a few clips, and slid out the cabin air filter.

When the filter was removed, it looked pretty dirty, and even had a few small leaves embedded in it. When he asked if I would like to add on a new cabin air filter to the cost of the oil change, I responded by asking how much extra it would cost. He said it would be $65.

Since he already showed me how to get into the rear of the glove compartment, by pinching a few clips, and sliding out the filter, I decided that I would change the filter myself.

I was amazed to find a a replacement cabin air filter online for $15. It took less than 6 minutes to replace the filter, and now the air in my cabin is cleaner than ever. It was so easy to do, that thinking about paying $65 for a $15 filter now seems laughable.

I gained the knowledge to be more self sufficient by observing; and I kept an open mind which led me to success.

I would definitely do it again. In the time since, I have even replaced the air filter for my engine as well. I like to imagine what other types of things I might be able to do just by watching someone else.

I don't mind getting my hands covered in dirt, especially since they are usually covered in paint anyway. The only downside is that there is now a rumour going around about me in the neighbourhood, that this chick knows how to fix cars.

The End