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New Artwork from Art by Konu

Hello friends!

My latest artwork for Fall 2020 is now available. Here are the features works that you can see on my Main and Selected Works Pages.

Hope Sun Rising

Size 9 x 12 inches

Hope sun rising is a geometric abstract depicting a sunrise over an island. The dark blue island is contrasted against cheerful and carefree waters. Above it, a gold sun pushes outward and rises up to meet lighter air. The neat geometric lines are calming and intended to encourage reflection for the observer.

Head Space

Size 16 x 14

Headspace is an abstract painting depicting a head with geometric lines intersecting its core. The silver metallic head is contrasted against a blue background. At its core, a turquoise glow is emitted. The geometric lines form the shape of triangles. These sharp triangles seem to break through the head, representing a possible prison of thoughts or desires. The dark blue line that comes down from the top of the head is the most permanent, and represents an anchoring mindset. The headspace is ultimately intended to be inspirational, as a sign that there is an upward and outward outlook for the future.

I hope to introduce new products in my shop for these new paintings soon. If you have any recommendations for items you would like to see these works incorporated with, leave a comment below.

Thanks for reading.


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