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New Original Art Available

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

New in the Art by Konu Shop this month:

Two original works on canvas.


Size 22 x 33 inches

Price: $450

Hopeful is an abstract depiction of a sun shining over an expansive landscape. The metallic finish of the work catches the light in a different way each time it is observed.

The piece is great for meditation, bringing the observer inward to reflect on their inner thoughts. The custom blue background is cheerful and uplifting, with a hope filled goal of uplifting the vibration of any room it is placed in. This statement piece is motivational for work spaces and offices.

Beacon of Hope

Size: 18 x 18 inches

Price: $375

Beacon of hope is an acrylic work from 2020. The painting features a gorgeous custom blue background that is soft and romantic. It catches the eye with its pearlescent finish. A fresh wave of water swirls in the center of the work, where turquoise and silver dance together.

The calming nature of the piece allows the observer to become lost in its reverie. The message of hope is communicated through the work to suggest that everything will be alright once calmness is attained.

These designs are also available on selected merchandise through our print on demand service for your order 24/7.

Thanks for reading.


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