New Spotlight and format


In 2020 I started a new section of Art by Konu where I featured artists who embodied the spirit of a person who is living out their artistic passions.

I started this because I walk the same road in my own life; having left one version of my life behind to pursue a life closer to what I knew would make me happier.

For this month, I created a short interview with a fellow emerging artist from Louisville, Kentucky, U.S.A. His inspiring designs in digital painting are something to be experienced. Check out my YouTube video interview of Sylvester R. Gough Jr. (Sylvestergough65) in the Community spotlight page by clicking here.

The interview takes place in a new format I created called Art Confidential with Stephanie Konu. I hope you enjoy it- although my voice is a tad bit raspy! I promise to warm up with a hot cup of ginger tea for the next video.

Thanks for reading.