Starting from the bottom...

A few years ago when I was working on Bay Street in Toronto, I had the opportunity to join a fundraising effort for the United Way.

The goal was for each team member to raise $200 in order to climb the stairs to the top of the CN Tower.

During the trek, there were emergency services at every other floor offering bottles of water to everyone.

As we passed the halfway point, some of the leaders of the pack who raced ahead of everyone else to be first, had pulled off to the side due to injury.

From what I could see, their injuries were leg and ankle related; probably from trying to climb the stairs too quickly. A few people had even fainted from the intense activity, and they were burned out with only a few hundred steps to go. As we climbed past the fallen, I kept my pace steady.

When my team and I reached the top, I was shocked to find out that it had taken 30 minutes and 55 seconds to finish all 1,776 steps of the climb. In my mind and body, I felt like it had taken hours.

I got a cute t-shirt, and great memories from my participation in climbing to the highest point in Toronto. I learned that going at my own pace was the key to finishing what I had set out to do; and, that sometimes the people who flash like lighting ultimately crash like thunder very close to the finish line.

The End