Was blind but seeing better now

Once when I was a little girl, I had a 25 cent coin that my grandfather had given to me. I was never given an allowance growing up. In fact, at the age of 5 or 6, my main source of income came from returning stray shopping carts at the store when my Mom would allow it.

With a whole 25 cents, I had already made up my mind to buy those 5 cent candies at the convenience store as soon as my grandpa could take me on a walk.

In my excitement, I played with the quarter in my room by throwing it up in the air and catching it in my palm. I did this a few times until I got distracted for a second and lost sight of the money.

I tore my room apart looking for it. I pulled up the bedsheets, moved everything around, and after a few minutes, my childhood mind was exhausted and in tears because I lost my 25 cents.

Finally, as I sat sobbing on the floor beside my bed, I remembered the advice my grandmother always told to me about what to do whenever I felt upset. And so, I decided to pray.

On my knees, I placed my palms together, closed my eyes and prayed for help in finding my coin. After finishing my prayer, I said "amen", and wiped away my tears.

When I got up, to my amazement, the coin that I had been looking for was directly under one of the knees I had rested on to pray. It was right there underneath me, lying on the floor where I knew I had already looked.

To this day, I can't explain how it happened, because I should have seen it right there on the floor. But somehow only by taking a moment to stop and taking a moment to pray, was I able to see what I had not seen before.

The End