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Welcome to 2021

Welcome back to

It is a new year, and if you are anything like me, you are hoping to have a better year than 2020 turned out to be.

2020 was not completely filled with bad news, however. Many amazing new opportunites presented themselves and found great footings in the plethora of time that most of us found during self isolation.

I found the opportunity to "get wild" by doing some things I never thought I would do. I resigned from a job I had for 10 years, and decided to pursue motherhood full time while launching an artistic business. There have been some ups, downs, and I'm pretty sure I was scammed at least once- but I haven't regretted leaving my old life for a second.

One of the experiences I am most proud of has been to establish the Art by Konu YouTube Channel. Speaking in front of a camera was an intense way of breaking out of my comfort zone. After recording my first few YouTube videos, I was hooked! I really enjoy presenting on camera, and so, I will be sharing with you my catalogue of YouTube videos here in my weekly blog.

If you like the content, please feel free to like and to subscribe to my channel. I currently have 40 videos, and I hope to continue making content to help and inspire others.

Thanks for reading, and I will leave you with

3 Tips for Breaking the Honesty Barrier With Yourself

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